Monthly Archives: February 2022

Daily Affirmations

“Daily Affirmations” Encourage Substantial And Positive Change In Your Life   What difference can words make? A lot, especially if those words are used as positive affirmations. Yes, affirmations. If you haven’t used affirmations or used them unsuccessfully in the past, you might be wondering how some positive sentences repeated aloud can make any difference. To most, affirmations… Read More »

Your Inner Vision

“Your Inner Vision” Be Ready To Take On Your Life-Changing Visualizations To Manifest Your Most Heartfelt And Ultimate Desires   Visualization is the very beginning of creation. Think about it. Human beings are such amazing creatures. From the beginning of time, everything we’ve created came about because someone somewhere visualized an object in answer to a need. This… Read More »

A Love Affair With Life

“A Love Affair With Life” It’s Time To Explore All The Passions In Your Life!   Passion is everywhere. Now consider this: If passion is seemingly limitless, why is it so hard to embrace the passions in your life, or even better, to find passion in areas where we didn’t know it existed before? The short answer? We… Read More »